• Diagnosis

    Every child diagnosed with autism, or a related condition, should be screened for a comprehensive range of biological, biochemical, immunological and psychological abnormalities more

  • Medical Health Issues

    Autism is as a treatable condition- Scientific review: "Medical Comorbidities in Autistic Spectrum Disorders" more

  • Neutraceuticals

    Effective dietary and nutritional treatment for autism and related disorders more

  • Education

    Our Parent Outreach Programme provides parents of children and young people with support and advice to help address common issues such as fussy eating, poor sleeping patterns, difficulty accepting no and difficulty with transitions, new environments and change in routine. more

  • Clinics

    Clinics in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Paris & Geneva. Contact us for more information more


Medical Issues in ASD

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Autism Treatment Plus (AT+) provides a unique and tailored service to ensure those with autism, and their families, receive the diagnostic, medical and educational provisions they need.

We believe that a fully integrated approach is required to treat and address the needs of a person with autism, which will in turn lead to improvements in their condition.  Our service is based on two unique approaches; biomedical intervention and behaviour therapy.

AT+’s team of consultants comprises of professionals in the field including, medical doctors, research scientists, behavioural analysts and psychologists. These professionals aim to ensure we are providing a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating autism.

  • Broad knowledge of autism and related disorders.
  • Access to diagnostic services and monitoring of the child’s progression.
  • Access to effective nutritional, dietary and medical interventions.
  • Access to effective behavioural and educational interventions.
  • Autism Research.
  • New Families

    We offer a phone discussion to get to know more about your situation and give you the opportunity to ask the questions that are important to you.

    New Families
  • AT+ Diagnosis

    AT+ thrives to insure that every child presenting with developmental difficulties has access to an in depth diagnostic evaluation.

    AT+ Diagnosis
  • AT+ Biomedical

    AT+ assists with biomedical testing, clinical diagnosis and provides nutritional, dietary and medical advices, seeking the involvement of the NHS.

    AT+ Biomedical