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Edinburgh Autism Conference

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Over the next few weeks I will be adding the speaker’s presentations, soon to be complemented with the video links.

Dr Nicola Antonucci, Biomedical Centre for Autism Research and Treatment, Bari, Italy

A Clinical Approach to Treating Autism: Edinburg 12 June 2013 Dr Antonucci 

Prof Mike Snape, Autism Therapeutics Ltd

NNZ-2566 in Rett Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders – Role and Update: Treating Autism Autism Treatment Trust June 2013 Conference NNZ-2566 in Rett Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders – Role and Update v2 

Dr Dario Siniscalco, Department of Experimental Medicine, Second University of Naples, Italy

Stem Cell Therapy in Autism Siniscalco Edinburgh

Dr Lorene Amet, Research Director, Autism Treatment Trust, Edinburgh.

Autism: Where Are We At? Lorene Amet presentation June 2013

Dr Lorene Amet, Research Director, Autism Treatment Trust, Edinburgh. 

Presentation given at Westminster 17th of June 2013: Autism Treatment Trust, a center for Autism Intervention. Lorene Amet Westminster 170613

 Sue Simmons

Nutritional Supplementation – Where to Start- Nutritional Supplements Sue Simmons

Angelette Muller
Simple Dietary Interventions in Autism Simple dietary interventions – ATT2013

Anita Kugelstadt, Chair, Treating Autism

Decision Making: Where, When and How to Start? Making decisions for biomedical treatments

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