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Edinburgh AUTISM CONFERENCE: Changing the Course of Autism: The Science and Intervention


Treating Autism and Autism Treatment Trust presented a two day international conference for professionals and parents at the prestigious Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on the 12th and 13th of June 2013. The conference was very well attended with 250 delegates. Current scientific understanding of the condition and intervention options were presented by speakers from around the world, including Dr Martha Herbert, Harvard Medical School, Dr Mady Hornig, Columbia University and Dr Alex Richardson, Oxford University, amongst many others. Day two presentations were treatment oriented and included parent stories.

We have been inundated with thanks from parents and professionals. Parents have expressed how positive and empowered they feel, with finally some real prospects of progress in autism.

More and more advancement is being made in the quest for better understanding of this disorder. The world of autism has gone through major changes. We have moved from understanding the condition as resulting from poor parenting, the so-called “refrigerator mother”, to seeing it as being a genetic only disorder, to what now, is the increasingly prevailing view, a condition predominantly triggered by the environment. This inescapable realisation implies the possibility of both prevention and treatment.

Several news reports of the conference were issued last week. Martha Herbert was interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland and we have had an STV news report by Jennifer Harrild which we are sharing here.

We will follow shortly with links of the video presentation. Watch this space!


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