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Happy Christmas to all from AT+ and more good news!

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Dear Parents

Good news! Children with autism, age 4-8 can take part in a Free Listening Programme!, aimed at improving their auditory skills and thus their language comprehension and socialisation. The intervention is provided by Dorothy Kay Lawrence, PhD student at Edinburgh University, as part of her PhD. The aims are to evaluate the benefits of the Listening Programme, with regard to the socialisation skills of the children. The programme is for a total of 40 weeks and it’s all free! To read more and enrol, visit AT’s blog.
Xmas is approaching fast, don’t forget to place your supplement order to cover your needs till the new year! Supplements from Brainchild NutritionalsKirkmanBioCareResearched NutritionalsCenaverdeBarleansBioPure,Global Healing Centre and more are available from AT+. For the full list of supplements for autism and to place your orders, please contact us. Don’t forget, AT+ is supported by Caudwell Children!As I mentioned in my recent newsletter, we are running a study using the Eye Position Tracking Technology in collaboration with Stirling University and for this, we are calling for volunteers, both ASD children and their siblings. There is no exclusion criteria. The study will include a full measurement of the child’s level of autism and developmental profile, using a set of standardised questionnaires conducted through parental interviews and an assessment of the child’s social responses using an Eye Tracker. This is a very exciting piece of work, child- friendly and parents can benefit by receiving a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of their child at the end of it! To enrol in the study, please contact us.

Finally, Dr Skorupka and I are writing a book on autism, covering the science and a range of biomedical and behavioural/ educational interventions. We would welcome some photos of children before and after regression, as photos are so powerful to illustrate the changes taking place. I know the regression of a child into autism is a very distressing event to witness, one we all wished we had never experienced, but we need to make this reality clear and loud to the wider audience and to other parents. Together with the data that we have gathered on close to 400 children, we need a selection of supportive photographs. These will of course be shared anonymously. If you can help,please contact us.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, full of joy and care, and my warmest wishes for the new year.Lorene Amet, PhD M.Ed (Autism), CEO AT+PS: AT+ will be closed for the festivities from the 20th until the 3d of January. However, e-mail queries will be answered throughout this period.

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