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Eye Tracking for Autism

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Eye tracking as a measure of Social engagement and Autism level

What is the project about?

We live in a social world and the way we attend to social information is crucial to our understanding and responses to people. This ultimately is central to our ability to function independently as adults. Children with autism have difficulties with social communication and present with restricted behaviours and interests. The degree of their social difficulties can be difficult to measure accurately due to the complexity and nature of their impairment. Furthermore, it can be challenging to assess a child with autism within a clinical setting due to behavioural, attention and motivation issues. Nonetheless, it is important in order to assist a child to understand how he or she perceives social information. This project proposes to use an eye-tracking device to measure the social engagement of a child to a set of social situations displayed as videos on a screen. This project further evaluates whether the eye tracking measurements correlate with the child’s level of autism.

We are currently recruiting children with autism, age 3 to 16 and control typically developing children. The assessments will be conducted in May and June 2014 in schools but is opened to other participants too. We aim to recruit 20-30 children with autism and 20-30 typically developing children, siblings can be included in the study.

If you want to participate to this study, you will be required to travel to Stirling University for assessments. The assessments for any family travelling can be extended to the July period.

Please contact us if you wish more information about the project.

Shruti Arora

Psychology, University of Stirling


Stirling Uni

Dr. Lorene Amet, Autism Treatment Plus, 21 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7RX


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