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Conference Report: Changing the Course of Autism

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Changing the course of autism: The science and intervention 

L Amet1*, M Hornig2, N Antonucci3, M Herbert4, M Snape5, V Stejskal6, D Siniscalco7,8,9

The international conference, “Changing the Course of Autism: the Science and Intervention”, organised by the UK charities Autism Treatment Trust (ATT) and Treating Autism (TA), provided a platform for a panel of international autism researchers and clinicians to present their latest research, current understanding of the pathologies associated with autism and interventions targeting these pathologies. The conference was held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, in Scotland, on the 12th and 13th of June 2013.

Paper here: Amet et al 2014 OA Autism

Amet L, Hornig M, Antonucci N, Herbert M, Snape M, Stejskal V, Siniscalco D. Changing the course of autism: The science and intervention. OA Autism 2014 Jan 10;2(1):1.

*Corresponding author Email:

1 Autism Treatment Plus, Edinburgh, Scotland 2 Columbia University, New York, USA 3 Biomedical Centre for Autism Research and Treatment, Bari, Italy 4 Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA. 5 Autism Therapeutics Ltd, London, UK 6 Stockholm University, MELISA MEDICA foundation, Stockholm, Sweden 7 Second University of Naples, Napoli, Italy 8 Centre for Autism– La Forza del Silenzio, Caserta, Italy 9 Cancellautismo – non-profit association for autism care, Florence, Italy

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  1. Ivan Aldred - Reply
    October 6, 2014

    Hi have an interest in Purine Autism and have
    emailed a few ideas to espa with no feedback.
    I am interested in knowing if urates are
    a problem in eclampsia/pre-eclampsia.
    I have suggested that mothers be are tested
    urates so that remedial treatment can be given.
    Also I would be intersted how many mothers
    of such children have developed gouty
    arthritis in later life. Regards Ivan.

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