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New Book on Autism in France: Autisme, on peut en guérir by Dr Skorupka and Dr Amet

Posted by: | Posted on: November 30th, 2014 | 0 Comments

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“Autisme, on peut en guérir” (translate as, Autism can be treated) is the first book devoted to the biomedical approach to autism published in France. It is co-authored by Dr. Corinne Skorupka and Dr. Lorene Amet with a preface by Prof. Luc Montaignier and is published by Editions Mosaic Health last October 2014.

The condition, long considered as  “psychiatric” in origin has multiple underlying causes with genetic and environmental impacts.

This book presents the different existing treatments, behavioral therapies, scientific research and the encouraging results shared from the many testimonies of mothers and their children.

The book outlines how to identify a range of potential causes, such as infectious agents, including lyme disease, and present the treatments currently available to address those ailments.

All you ever wanted to know about “the puzzle of autism”

The book is available online, in bookstores and on the publisher’s website where you can also read excerpts from the book and listen to the interviews recently broadcast on France Bleu.

At the moment, the book is only available in French.

Review by Mairie, French mother

A good summary of what we know today
This book brings together much knowledge of what autism is, how to intervene, whether through education / sensory integration or a biomedical intervention,  and fills in the gap in the French bibliography on autism. Our country is far behind in its understanding of autism and treatment, I enjoyed finding good explanation on treatment and information which until now I could only find in English,  on the internet, or by word of mouth …

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