Fifteen years ago, a group of parents and relatives of children with autism, disappointed by the lack of adequate support and help for their children, came together to start a charity called Action Against Autism, later renamed Autism Treatment Trust (ATT), to serve as a voice and bring attention to healthcare professionals of the need for help and support in bringing up a child diagnosed with autism.

In 2006, a clinic was set up in Edinburgh to provide a diagnostic service, and access to biomedical, nutritional, and behavioural interventions to tackle the various medical and behavioural issues observed in children with autism. It has always been believed at ATT, that the earlier an intervention is started the better the chance of alleviating some, if not most of the problems seen in these children.

Our approach to Autism, that it is not wholly or mainly genetic in origin and as such can be treated, has moved some distance from the periphery of scientific thought and although it is not yet accepted by the mainstream there is far greater awareness of this view and evidence that demands it to be taken seriously.

Dr Lorene Amet, Principal Scientist at ATT founded Autism Treatment Plus (AT+) in 2013, which has continued to provide services to children with autism.

Over the past fifteen years, with the help of a dedicated team of scientists, medical doctors, behaviourists, and a large number of volunteers, we have provided access to diagnostic services, and dietary, nutritional and behavioural advice and support to over 1000 families in the UK and from overseas.

Specifically we have:

  • Assisted families of children and adults with autism to access diagnostic, medical, behavioural and educational services.
  • Worked in partnership with medical doctors, psychologists, ABA therapists, dieticians, nutritionists and other autism professionals.
  • Provided nutritional, dietary, and behavioural advice (clinic consultations, school, home and hospital visits).
  • Provided diagnostic (ADOS/ ADI) and other psychometric assessments (developmental scale, non-verbal intelligence etc.)
  • Organised a range of public events, workshops, training of professionals for ADOS/ ADI-R, international conferences and organised and contributed to meeting with MSPs and government officials.
  • Liaised with the Scottish Parliament (information and awareness events, meeting with minister of health, Autism Strategy/ Adult and Care Support Division.
  • Instigated the formation of collaborations and development of research proposals, involving local, UK research institutes, charities and international collaborations both in the US and Europe.
  • Provided Expert witness services: rights of the person with ASD with regard to access to placement and recognition of needs.
  • Contributed to MSc in Autism course, Stirling University.

To date, we have had the pleasure to assist over 1000 families of children with autism. This website provides information on the services provided and intervention outcomes.