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Cem Kinaci, MD

Cem Kinaci is a medical practitioner and research specialist in Nuclear Medicine (MRI and SPECT brain scans) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in neurology and psychiatry. Cem has been treating children with autism since 2005. He adds an invaluable expertise to AT+ by providing expert medical advice on autism treatment and brain imaging technology. 

Cem works as a senior physician at Nuclear Medicine Departments of Universal Camlica Hospital and Universal Italian Givanni Alberto Agnelli Hospital. He is also works as a consultant at “HBOT Clinic Aymed” Tirana – ALBANIA, “Unionhealth” Terapijski Centar Beograd – SERBIA and “Mərkəzi Klinika” Baku Hospital – AZERBAIJAN. He is certified by American College for Advancement in Medicine for HBOT in neurological conditions. He has consulted in autism and other brain injuries (epilepsy, cerebral palsy, CO poisoning, trauma) in more than 50 countries. He also works with patients presenting with heavy metal toxicity, Multiple Sclerosis and toxic encephalopathies.

E-mail: cemkinaci@gmail.com


Contact addresses for Dr Kinaci :

“Universal” Camlica Hospital – TURKEY

Burhaniye Mahallesi, Yunus Emre Sokak Num:18 Uskudar, Istanbul

+90 216 422 78 39 (Contact to Nazire Kasap)


“HBOT Clinic Aymed” Tirana – ALBANIA

Rr.”Reshit Petrela” Kompleksi Usluga, Kula e Xhamit, KL-1, Tirane

+355 6730 18627 (Contact to Dr Taulant Qyrdedi)


“Unionhealth” Terapijski Centar – SERBIA

Dalmatinska 17, 11000 Beograd

+381 1 3292 172 (Contact to Danijela Helc)


“Mərkəzi Klinika” Bakı Ambulatoriyası – AZERBAIJAN

Zərifə Əliyeva küç. 5, AZ1005

“Mərkəzi Klinika” Bakı Xəstəxanası

Parlament pr. 76, AZ1006

+994 12 492 10 92 or Call center: +994 12 105