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Autism Treatment Plus (AT+) is a Company Limited set up following the closure of the Autism Treatment Trust (ATT) Clinic.

ATT was a charity set up in 2002 with the aims of promoting autism as a treatable condition. In 2006, ATT opened a clinic at the heart of Edinburgh and has provided since, biomedical treatment and early behavioural intervention, training and diagnosis services to over 500 families in the UK and abroad.

ATT is proud of its work and achievements. Over the years ATT has:

  • Assisted families of children and adults with autism to access diagnostic, medical, behavioural and educational services.
  • Worked in partnership with medical doctors, psychologists, ABA therapists, dieticians, nutritionists and other autism professionals.
  • Provided nutritional, dietary, and behavioural advice (clinic consultations, school, home and hospital visits).
  • Provided diagnostic (ADOS/ ADI) and other psychometric assessments (developmental scale, non-verbal intelligence etc.)
  • Organised a range of public events, workshops, training of professionals for ADOS/ ADI-R, international conferences with the most recent very successful conference organised last June, meeting with MSPs and government officials.
  • Liaised with the Scottish Parliament (information and awareness events, meeting with minister of health, Autism Strategy/ Adult and Care Support Division.
  • Instigated the formation of collaborations and development of research proposals, involving local, UK research institutes, charities and international collaborations both in the US and Europe.
  • Provided Expert witness services: rights of the person with ASD with regard to access to placement and recognition of needs.
  • Contributed to MSc in Autism course, Stirling University.

Sadly due to lack of governmental funding, the charity had to take the hard decision to stop operating. However, the skills and expertise gained over the years have not been lost, as Dr. Lorene Amet and other Autism consultants have strategically developed a new venture, AT+, which is more devoted than ever to meet the needs of families, children and adults with autism.

Please visit our web site to learn more about who we are, the work we do and hear of the results obtained with the interventions proposed.