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Medical Issues in ASD

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Autism Webinar series: Biomedical interventions, what are they and where do we start?

“Looking behind the label of Autism: An insight into successful and effective intervention strategies”

Autism Treatment Plus provides training in Autism available through a webinar series to families and professionals. The training cover a range of topics, from understanding the root causes of autism to the most effective intervention strategies currently available.

Webinar 1: What is Autism, environmental and genetic causes, the gut-brain connection, the importance of nutrition, a healthy immune system and a clean, nurturing environment

Webinar 2: Step 1, starting with the right diet

Webinar 3: Step 2, healing the gut and restoring a digestive balance

Webinar 4: Step 3, rebalancing the immune system

Webinar 4: Step 4, putting the key nutrients in place

Webinar 5: Step 5, avoiding toxins, cleaning and detoxifying

Webinar 6: Step 6, creating more opportunities for communication and managing challenging behaviour

Webinar 7: Step 7, putting it all together, the AT Plus intervention plan

Each webinar lasts 1hr,and will be accompanied with slides to download. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the seminar and on Facebook (closed group) during the training period. To register your interest, contact us at: Alternatively you can use the form below if you would like to receive more information.

Cost £180