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The Autism Diagnosis Interview- Revised (ADI-R) is an interview evaluation of individuals with a suspected autism spectrum disorder used as an aid to formal diagnosis. The tool has proven effectiveness in differentiating autism from other developmental disorders, assessing syndrome boundaries, identifying new sub-groups and quantifying autistic symptomatology.

The interview covers 93 items grouped into three functional domains:

* Language and Communication
* Reciprocal Social Interactions
* Restricted Repetitive and Stereotyped Behaviours and Interests

and covers eight content areas:

* The subject’s background including family, education, previous diagnoses and medication
* Overview of the subjects behaviour
* Early development and development milestones
* Language acquisition and loss of language or other skills
* Current functioning in regard to language and communication
* Social development and play
* Interests and behaviours

Clinically relevant behaviours such as aggression, self injury and possible epileptic features.

To administer ADI-R, an experienced clinical interviewer questions a parent or caregiver who is familiar with the developmental history and current behaviour of the individual being evaluated.

Results are scored and interpreted using a Diagnostic Algorithm or a Current Behaviour Algorithm or both depending on the purpose of the evaluation.

Quick Facts

Administer To Family or carergiver familiar with the individual developmental history and individual concerned
Age range 4 years old and older
Completion Time 90-160min
Formats Interview-based questionnaire
Scoring Options Hand Scoring/
Others Training required


Typical applicants will have a background in psychology, psychiatry, paediatrics, nursing, speech therapy or similar, and will be currently employed in that capacity either as a clinician, part of a clinical team or part of a research team. Qualifications and employment information must be provided on the course application form.