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Medical Issues in ASD

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ADOS-2 assessment is a semi-structured standardised assessment designed to assist in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. The tool allows the evaluation of a person’s communication, social interaction, play and imaginative use of material under set contingencies. There are 5 modules available, based on the person’s age and level of communication, from toddler to adult age. Each module takes 30-45 minutes to administer. As the module level increases, the assessments include progressively more challenging tasks, in order to highlight the autistic features the person may have. This is achieved through planned social occasions, referred as “presses”, in which the behaviour of a particular type is more likely to occur. The assessment is very detailed and includes a large range of verbal and non-verbal communication and language skills as well as behaviours.

Quick Facts

Administer To Individuals from toddlers (age 2) to adults
Completion Time 30-45 min
Formats Semi-structured assessment- Ideally video recorded.
Scoring Options Hand scoring (immediately after the session and/or on video recording depending on study design).
Norms 566+ children and adults.
Others Training and regular consensus meetings required


Typical applicants will have a background in psychology, psychiatry, paediatrics, nursing, speech therapy or similar, and will be currently employed in that capacity either as a clinician, part of a clinical team or part of a research team. Qualifications and employment information must be provided on the course application form. Participants must have access to an ADOS-2 Kit (Hogrefe product code 5580001) for completing the pre-course and post-course assignments and be in a position to video record their sessions for evaluation.