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Connors Rating Scales- Revised  (CRS-R) is an instrument that uses observer ratings and self-report ratings to help assess attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and evaluate problem behaviour in children and adolescents.

Various CRS-R versions offer flexible administration options while also providing the ability to collect varying perspectives on a child’s behaviour from parents, teachers, caregivers, and the child or adolescent.

The CRS-R instruments are used for routine screenings. The test can help:

•    Measure hyperactivity in children and adolescents through routine screening
•    Provide a perspective of the child’s behaviour from those who interact with the child on a daily basis
•    Establish a base point prior to beginning therapy and monitor treatment effectiveness and changes over time
•    Provide valuable structured and normed information to further support conclusions, diagnoses, and treatment decisions when the parent, teacher, and self-report scales are combined.

Quick Facts

Administer To Parents and teachers of children and adolescents ages 3–17 and adolescent self-report ages 12–17
Reading Level Age equivalent 11 and above
Completion Time Long Version: 15–20minutes, Short Version: 5–10 minutes
Formats Paper-and-pencil
Scoring Options Hand Scoring
Norms 8,000+ children and adolescents, males and females ages 3 to 17


Users recognised in graduate training programme in psychology, psychiatry, paediatrics, nursing, speech therapy or similar, currently employed in that capacity either as a clinician, part of a clinical team or part of a research team. Qualifications and employment information must be provided on the course application form.