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The Cognition Training Package covers how to administer a range of developmental and psychometric assessments. 

These include:

Bailey-III: Scales of Infant and Toddler Development

WAIS-IV: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, forth Edition

WIAT-II: Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Second Edition

TONI: Test of Non-Verbal Intelligence

Connors Rating Scales

PDDBI: Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Behavior Inventory

SCQ: Social Communication Questionnaire

Vineland Adaptive behavior Scales, Second Edition

BRIEF: Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function



Users recognised in graduate training programme in psychology, psychiatry, paediatrics, nursing, speech therapy or similar, currently employed in that capacity either as a clinician, part of a clinical team or part of a research team. Qualifications and employment information must be provided on the course application form.