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The PDD-BI assesses responsiveness to intervention in children with a pervasive developmental disorder and provides an assessment of autism that results in age-standardised scores for problem and adaptive behaviours.

The extended version of the PDD-BI consists of 10 domains:

Approach/Withdrawal Problems:

* Sensory/Perceptual Approach Behaviours
* Ritualism/Resistance to Change
* Social/Pragmatic Problems
* Semantic/Pragmatic Problems
* Arousal Regulation Problems
* Specific Fears
* Aggressiveness

Approach/Withdrawal Composite: Receptive/Expressive Social Communication Abilities:

* Social Approach Behaviours
* Expressive Language
* Learning, Memory and Receptive Language

Receptive/Expressive Social Communication Abilities Composite: Autism Composite

Discrepancy Scores:

* Social/Pragmatic Problems – Social Approach Behaviours
* Semantic/Pragmatic Problems – Expressive Language

The PDD-BI™ is appropriate with children from a broad range of racial/ethnic and socio-economic contexts.

Quick Facts

Administer To Family or caregiver
Age range from 18 months to 12 years + 5 months
Completion Time 20-45 min (standard – extended forms)
Formats Questionnaire
Scoring Options Hand Scoring
Norms 660+ children different ethnic backgrounds and geographical region


Users recognised in graduate training programme in psychology, psychiatry, paediatrics, nursing, speech therapy or similar, currently employed in that capacity either as a clinician, part of a clinical team or part of a research team. Qualifications and employment information must be provided on the course application form.