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Testing for potential abnormalities in areas of nutrition, gut health, immune system, homeostasis (metabolism and physiology), oxidative stress and toxin overload is often needed to guide an intervention, alongside a clinical examination and detailed developmental and family history.

AT+ has partnered with laboratories in the UK and abroad to provide a range of testing tailored to the needs of individuals with autism.

These laboratories include: Doctor’s Data, Great Plains Laboratory and Genova Diagnostics in the US, Syn-Lab and Red Laboratories in Belgium, Laboratoires Reunis in Luxembourg, BioLabs and The Doctor’s Laboratory and York Lab in the UK.

We enclose some information below about the most common tests used, as well as a non-exhaustive list of those routinely carried with cost. If you are interested in other tests please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The tests we may recommend for your child will depend on his/her clinical symptoms as well as developmental history and the reviewing of earlier laboratory tests when available. The typical profile of the tests recommended to initiate a programme is called Basic Autism Profile and is detailed below. Please note that it is not needed to proceed with all these tests together at the same time and not all the tests may be recommended for your child. We also typically write to the child’s GP to ask for some of the blood tests to be carried out on the NHS. This reduces the range of blood tests to be carried out privately, the blood tests available on the NHS are listed below (*marked with an asterix).

Basic Autism Profile

OAT + Hair + Blood Autism Profile = £881.70

Phlebotomy (£35-£75 depending on the clinic)

FedEx shipment to laboratories (£30-63 depending of shipping procedure)

Florinscan+ Histamine (stool test): £292.50

Total test excluding phlebotomy: £1130.64

Laboratory tests conducted at Autism Treatment Plus (non exhaustive list):

Lab test Name Laboratory Cost
25-Hydroxy-Vitamin D Roman-Pais £22.10
ASLO Roman-Pais £2.57
Autism Profile (Essential Fatty acids) Roman-Pais £112
Autism Profile (Infection profile) Roman-Pais £152
Autism Profile (NK1-3) Roman-Pais £40
Autism Profile (short- to complement NHS profile) Roman-Pais £149
Autism Profile Full Roman-Pais £364
Babesia divergens ab Roman-Pais £16.05
Borrelia ELISPOT Armin’s Lab £163.54
Borrelia IgG Roman-Pais £8.03
Challenge Test (Toxic urine elements) Doctor’s Data £164.80
Chicken Pox Roman-Pais £6.41
Chlamydia pnemoniae IgA Roman-Pais £6.41
Chlamydia pnemoniae IgG Roman-Pais £6.41
Chlamydiatrochomatis IgG Roman-Pais £6.41
DETOXgen (detoxification capacity) Laboratoires Reunis £414
Diamine Oxydase Laboratoires Reunis £39.90
DNA methylation profile (Gene variants) Doctor’s Data £490
Food Intolerances 100 IgG panel (finger prick) York Test £199
Floriscan + Laboratoires Reunis £224.00
Food Intolerance 50 IgG Roman-Pais £189.00
Hair Test Doctor’s Data £63.77
Helicobacter pylori IgG Roman-Pais £6.41
Histamine Stool Test Laboratoires Reunis £68.50
Hormone Test Urine Hormone test £306.80
Il-8 Red Laboratories £91.56
MOAT Roman-Pais £161.31
MSA Red Laboratories £287
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgG Roman-Pais £8.03
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM Roman-Pais £8.03
Nagalase Red Laboratories £106.00
Natural Killer Cell Count Red Laboratories £98
Neurotransmitters-stress profile (Catecholamines, glu- tamic acid, GABA, serotonin, creatinine) Laboratoires Reunis £164.20
OAT Great Plains Laboratory £270.00
Porphyrins Doctor’s Data £150
PGE2 Red Laboratories £83.20
Rickett. Conorii IgG Roman-Pais £8.03
Rickett. typhi IgG Roman-Pais £8.03
SIBO Test BioLab £149
Stool Test Doctor’s Data £344.46
Toxoplasma IgG Roman-Pais £8.03
Toxoplasma IgM Roman-Pais £8.03
Vitamin 1,25 -OH-D Laboratoires Reunis £25.25