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New Families

If you are interested to start a dietary nutritional intervention with the support of Autism Treatment plus, e-mail us or call us to discuss  your situation to see how we can help your family.

We offer an initial free telephone consultation (maximum 20 min long) to get to know more about your circumstances and give you the opportunity to ask the questions that are important to you.

We aim to provide a comprehensive, balanced and step by step health programme, advising you on the diet, nutrition, testing and medical intervention. We will also be able to provide some guidance with any social communication and behavioural needs.

Consultation Procedure

Prior to the first consultation, we will set up a secured web portal using the ChARM (Electronic Health Record) web interface to enable an easy sharing of key information on your child, such as, evaluation forms, food diary, level of  autism, as well as lab results and consultation reports. We will ask you to complete a series of questionnaires in advance of the consultation. You can use this portal to communicate with us and to upload any relevant reports you may wish to share with us.

A typical progression through the AT+ treatment plan is presented in the figure here and here. The plan will be specific to each child, based on his/her symptoms and laboratory test results. We aim to help you prioritise the treatment plan and to empower you to make the right decisions for your child at each step of the way. Depending on the issues your child is experiencing and response to treatment, parents are typically able to self manage the treatment within 1 to 2 years of starting the programme. You can thereafter contact us at any stage in the event that you wish to receive an update on your child’s progression or in the event that new challenges are experienced.

Consultation cost

The cost of a consultation is £180.00 for one hour. An invoice for a £60.00 booking fee will be sent to you upon booking, which can be paid online, and will go toward the cost of the consultation. The remaining £120.00 will be due at the time of the consultation. We can accept cash and credit card payments at the clinic. An invoice will be sent to you before the date of the appointment.

Follow-up consultations can range from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the nature of the consultation. For a 20 minute consultation, the cost is £60.00, 30 minutes is £90.00, 45 minutes is £135.00, and 1 hour is £180.00. Test results review consultations usually require 45 minutes.

The frequency of the consultations and duration will depend on the child and his/her family. A typical progression in term of testing and consultation is presented in the two figures below, but we stress that each treatment plan will be specific to each child.

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